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An international comedian, musician & songwriter traveling the world and enjoying life until his friends convince him that he needs to find that special someone to tour through life with.


Kith Kath Bath House

Handcrafted simply makes it better & unique. Handcrafted adds the human spirit to an already overly processed, chemical and makeshift world. Online ecommerce website specializing for online marketing and sale solution.


Catapult Insurance Agency

We know your busy, and insurance shouldn't take time away from the tings that really matter to you. Catapult on Demand is our 24/7 web portal that allows you to manage basic insurance issues including downloading certificates and reporting claims.


We love what we do!

The Focal Point Agency is a full-service design and branding agency. But, our clients affectionately call us their brand innovation and transformation partners.
The reason is simple – we do a lot more than create attractive marketing content.
We thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses, their target segments, and their vision for the future to become relentless drivers of their growth.
The modern consumer’s psyche and behavior undergo complete transformation every few months. Their likes, dislikes, and proclivities are in a state of constant flux. It is impossible for any consumer-facing business to evolve their communication strategies to adapt to these changes all the time. That’s why, businesses need dedicated brand innovation and transformation partners like us to help them navigate this rapidly changing landscape. Our years of experience in this industry have equipped us with the uncanny ability to differentiate between ephemeral fads and sustainable trends. We then design communication strategies that help brands develop a strong connection with their audience.

Our marketing wizards, development ninjas, design experts, media maestros, and other prodigies help our clients break through the barriers they are facing and become leaders in their respective industries. We achieve this by employing a mix of subliminal and supraliminal psychological cues that establish our clients as the most loved brand among their target audience.